And now… Neil Storey the MP3… talking to Tony Michaelides in Maryland USA

Neil’s been busy. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Besides being distracted by building a new archive, trying to find the switch to turn off the headlights on his new tractor and  being mesmerised by the deer roaming around in the next field to his office – Neil has been inundated by journalists to talk about The Island Book of Records.

Here’s Tony Michaelides interviewing Neil from his studio in Maryland in the States. They go back a while when they briefly worked together at Island.

The interview is available on xillion podcasts sites, but this link takes you to an MPS version. No frills, CLICK ON THIS LINK, and you go straight to the audio.

Some interesting stuff comes out… hiring, firing, Bob Marley, B52’s, Nigel Kennedy, – The making of the box sets for Gemma Hayes, Jess Roden and Chris Wood (Traffic) WITH music!! And how Kellie of Spooky Tooth got hold of the tapes of Big Pink and played them to Eric Clapton.

For those of you who know Neil, some surprises for you… and not some surprises…  they’ve edited out the sneezes!!