Jamaican Hotel musicians

Jamaican Hotel musicians

The opening LP in this #IBoR book, features an album made in 1958 by a musician called Ernest Ranglin. He was very popular in the 50s playing at swish Jamaican Hotels to American and British tourists.

One hotel, called the Half Moon in Montego Bay, which still exists today, had a very handsome young man looking after the water skiing concession. Step up one Christopher Blackwell. So … you can get the scene… he’s hanging around after putting all the skis away at the end of the day, and he hears this guy playing the piano in the beach bar and he’s really liking this weird jazz… but he’s not sure how to let other people know about this music that he’s getting excited about.

So what does he do? he goes to a medium, and asks should he follow the path of his planned career and become an accountant? … and she said no, follow your love of music.

Eh voila.

Here’s a sample of Ernest’s music from Chris Blackwells first album (video)