The problem with cats and copy proofing

The problem with cats and copy proofing
Copyproofing with the furry friend.

We have five cats. Three English and two French. All rescue cats – and all with their own individual characters. we rarely see the French kittens  in the office, they seem to be out all day. (We mentioned this to the vet, as I was particularly anxious of them disappearing, the vet shrugged his shoulders, and said “Of course… zay are ‘unting, zay are French.”

One cat adores pressing down the keys on the keyboard, and often is wedged between the keyboard and the iMac. Annoyingly she has found the keyboard combination to launching Apple Music, or in my case Massive Attack, at 98 decibels. I should watch her more often.

But its the copy proofing they are most involved in.

Humans sitting for long periods of time, not moving much, with wads of warm paper to sit on.