Discounting on – American bookseller site

Discounting on – American bookseller site

We are very proud to have The Island Book of Records 1959-68 listed on the website.

Why? Because even though they serve USA, UK and EU countries, the book is being heavily discounted in the USA … have a look for some interesting prices! The website will alter to your IP address, and so will convert the prices automatically  – say to Euros  – if you are looking for #IBoR  from your office in a field in France.

Alibris are pretty well sorted for distribution globally, so shipping anywhere – including a field in France – should be easy. just check the prices.

Ordering direct from Manchester University Press is £85, but if you sign up for their newsletter, there’s an extra 30% discount

If you want to know about Alibris, there’s a pretty informative website at

From the history of the company, Alibris started as a specialist antiquarian trade book seller, and then over the year created the massive international operation that it is today.

Alibris has partnerships with many independent, professional sellers – who they hep sell to consumers but also to professional and library customers. Alibris has over 150 million books for sale.

Many smaller booksellers need their orders to be packaged, invoiced, or shipped overseas at low cost, so Alibris have built sophisticated low-cost logistics capabilities to increase their sales.

” Today, Alibris knows which books sell and at what price. Alibris helps sellers continually update prices and makes sure that business customers get data for hard-to-find and used books that are as good as new.”